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Musik als Konstante in Corona-Krisenzeiten

Music is a transcendental constant. Especially in times of crisis, it can help people relax, release stress, enjoy. Listening to music can benefit the immune system by positively affecting cells and organisms. Riffs, chords and syncopated bass lines impart healing powers to body, mind and spirit.

In this vein, the Stuttgart Jazz Open has been hosting a litany of jazz greats annually since 1994. In Europe, this charismatic event ranks on equal footing with other legendary festivals like Montreux or Rotterdam, infusing audiences with its uniquely Swabian brand of jazz energy for almost a quarter of a century. The brand stands for soulful enjoyment, improvisation and creativity, featuring top-class artists from the blues, soul und pop scenes. For the fourth year in a row, biosyn Arzneimittel GmbH is partnering this iconic event – which is a sure fit. The same stellar characteristics that set the Jazz Open apart apply to the Fellbach-based pharmaceutical and biotech company – for many decades – specialized in dietary supplements and products that boost immunity and passionately committed to high quality Made in Germany.

The performances will be held from 8–18 July 2021 across six venues. For more information or tickets, go to:

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