Hope is the color blue. The unique IMMUCOTHEL® from the keyhole limpet indicated for the prevention of superficial bladder cancer recurrence.

What to do when the standard fails? Wasn't it enough that the patient suffered from superficial bladder cancer and now a post-TUR recurrence? After standard therapies were contraindicated, have been exhausted or were not tolerated in the first place, second-line treatment with IMMUCOTHEL® is indicated to prevent recurrences in superficial bladder cancer. This immunotherapeutic from biosyn is a safe, efficacious and well-established alternative to BCG. Thanks to its high tolerability and low rate of side effects, patients experience much less distress with IMMUCOTHEL®.

Instillation therapy with keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH), its active ingredient, is approved for high-risk tumors. In concentrated form, the two copper atoms centered in this therapeutic protein give it its iconic blue color. It also gives hope and comfort to patients with a relapse of a very common malignancy.

To learn more about how IMMUCOTHEL® from biosyn helps prevent recurrences in superficial bladder cancer, visit: IMMUCOTHEL® – for recurrence prevention of superficial urinary bladder carcinomas (PDF)

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