Thema Keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH)

Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin helps measure happiness. That’s one way we know that optimistic people respond better to vaccines and live longer.

As reported on 29 October 2019 in the Harvard Health Blog, clinical studies are revealing that people with an optimistic outlook on life tend to live longer. This comes as no surprise to the researchers and scientists at biosyn. They have known for decades that there is an association between immune response and optimism. Back in 2008, KHL, the hemocyanin extracted from the Great Keyhole Limpet, was used to measure immune function and determine that when immunity is enhanced, optimism is too. Study of the strong immune reaction triggered by KLH also allows medical science to gain insights into many other immune functions like how the elderly react to the vaccines they need to keep healthy. As a very large protein, KHL is a strong antigen that induces the immune system to activate macrophages that eliminate diseased or cancerous cells. This is one mechanism by which biosyn’s IMMUCOTHEL® destroys bladder carcinoma cells

Mechanism for stimulating anti-tumor immune responses: How Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH) antibodies detect and destroy bladder cancer cells

Numerous oligosaccharides are attached to the surface of the KLH molecule and account for about 4% of its molecular mass. With their intricate topology, these oligosaccharides contribute to KLH’s strong immunogenicity. Although not completely elucidated, different mechanisms of action are at play: non-specific stimulation of the immune system, stimulation of cytotoxic T cells and induction of anti-tumoral antibodies. KLH antibodies can bind to the Thomsen-Friedenreich antigens associated with cancer progression and metastasis on bladder carcinoma cells. The reaction of KLH antibody with Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen leads to phagocytosis and dissolution of the tumor cell. Immunocyanin, the main ingredient in IMMUCOTHEL® for the recurrence prevention of superficial urinary bladder carcinoma, is derived from KLH.


German know-how. American ingenuity. Good Manufacturing Practice for global hemocyanin products thrives in California.

Since its founding in Carlsbad, California in 1995, biosyn Corporation has driven the development, manufacturing and marketing of hemocyanin and immunocyanin products forward. With German know-how, American ingenuity and the help of a California resident, the first hemocyanin product was approved in 1997. Ever since, biosyn has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality, clinical-, GMP- and research-grade hemocyanin products extracted from the Giant Keyhole Limpet. The anticancer drugs, immunotherapeutics and carrier-proteins for vaccines evolved from this combination benefit patients around the globe.

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Hope is the color blue. The unique IMMUCOTHEL® from the keyhole limpet indicated for the prevention of superficial bladder cancer recurrence.

What to do when the standard fails? Wasn't it enough that the patient suffered from superficial bladder cancer and now a post-TUR recurrence? After standard therapies were contraindicated, have been exhausted or were not tolerated in the first place, second-line treatment with IMMUCOTHEL® is indicated to prevent recurrences in superficial bladder cancer. This immunotherapeutic from biosyn is a safe, efficacious and well-established alternative to BCG. Thanks to its high tolerability and low rate of side effects, patients experience much less distress with IMMUCOTHEL®.