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Eco-friendly Production

biosyn Hemocyanin Products Are Eco-friendly

The mariculture KLH and the green techniques were developed keeping in view that the sea snails, Giant Keyhole Limpets, are unique and native to the pacific waters along the coast of California.

The non-lethal technique of hemolymph production from the animals was developed in early 1990 for large scale production of hemocyanin products including IMMUCOTHEL®, VACMUNE® and Native KLH, research grade and Clinical/GMP grade.

Environmentally-friendly Green Technology

The animals are harvested from defined sites in the pacific costal water of California and transported into facility in Carlsbad, California. The animals are housed in biosyn proprietary aquaria tank.

Animals are handeled according to established procedures to meet the GMP requirements and post puncture are monitored for animal health and the healthy animals released back into the Ocean for rapid recovery.

These procedures were put in place in 2001 after biosyn had developed and investigated the advantages and disadvantages of aquaculture techniques for culture of Megathura crenulata, in mid to late 1990.

Based on these investigation biosyn concluded the best humane approach was to ensure the animals have access to the natural food source and nutrition for rapid recovery thus ensuring product of reproducible quality.

Recombinant technology development for preparation of hemocyanin and immunocyanin products, is under development as second generation bladder cancer products.