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Immunocyanin: biosyn proprietary formulation IMMUCOTHEL®

The subunits of hemocyanin are defined as Immunocyanin. The Keyhole Limpet Immunocyanin (KLI) are well defined molecules with a molecular mass of about 400 kDa.

Native KLH and hemocyanins in general are aggregates of subunit structure. In view of the variable aggregation or subunit association pattern, the native KLH is a mixture of molecules with varying masses, and are difficult to characterize. These limitations prompted biosyn to investigate the preparation and properties of Immunocyanin.

Early studies indicated that there were many advantages to the Immunocyanin compared to the native KLH, from a pharmaceutical product perspective. It was observed that under controlled preparation conditions the Immunocyanin showed biological activity similar to native KLH, however the physical properties were different. The Immunocyanin could be readily prepared in a lyophilized form without loss of activity unlike the native KLH. Such lyophilized product could be readily reconstituted leading to clear preparation.

These advantages prompted biosyn to develop its proprietary Immunocyanin products for use in its bladder cancer clinical trials (IMMUCOTHEL®) and also development of novel Immunocyanin formulation as well-characterized.