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biosyn Native KLH

biosyn Native KLH, Low Enodoxin Content

The high molecular weight, native KLH, is extensively used and has been used over the last several years. Native KLH has been manufactured and supplied by some chemical suppliers.

However, most available KLH formulations are not of the required quality and consistency suitable for use in human clinical trials. Typically, the endotoxin content in such products is very high as the hemolymph sera production is done by cutting open the animals or extraction from frozen animals. The product characteristics are also not very good and could lead to precipitation during reconstitution of lyophilized KLH. It is well documented that either freezing or lyophilization of native KLH leads to loss in activity.

Characterization of native KLH is also an issue as the large molecular weight of 8-32 MDa does not allow use of standard biochemical methods for routine quality control, which is further complicated by the use of excessive metal ions like calcium and magnesium, presumably to stabilize the molecule.

Right from the start of the hemocyanin development work in 1985, biosyn had identified these to be critical issues and developed appropriate strategies to overcome these limitations. To achieve the desired safety, quality and consistency of native KLH, biosyn has developed the non-lethal hemolymph sera collection procedure from live animals and instituted necessary animal handling and quarantine techniques. Quality control methodologies for routine production of this critical raw material has been developed.

The end result of these technology developments in the animal handling, bleeding and manufacturing process was the production of biosyn low endotoxin and high concentration native KLH of consistent high quality in a phosphate buffer.

The biosyn native KLH is supplied as High Purity Grade and Research Grade (no endotoxin testing). The GMP grade material is ideally suited for use as a carrier protein in the manufacture of vaccines for human use. It is tested for biological safety, viral clearance and heavy metal ions.

The Research Grade material is suited for use in vaccine product development activities and also for routine immunological studies, antibody production, production of activated KLH and other developmental activities. The native KLH formulations currently available from biosyn are listed in the table.

Product Grade Uses
Native KLH in Phosphate buffer low endotoxin, tested for biological safety, viral clearance and metal ions GMP Clinical grade For further processing in KLH-conjugate vaccine manufacture for human and animal use
Native KLH in Phosphate buffer, or other buffers low endotoxin RG Routine immunological and antibody studies and antibody production, initial product development activity for conjugate vaccine. Preparation of Research Grade activated KLH
Native KLH in Phosphate buffer or other buffers. No endotoxin testing RG Low cost research grade material for research uses

RG=Research Grade