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Why Use biosyn KLH?

biosyn KLH has many advantages over other commercial grade material that can be procured from other vendors. The major distinction lies in biosyn’s:

  • Environmentally friendly process used in the extraction of hemocyanin from animals.
  • biosyn returns the animals back to its natural habitat, as it is a humane approach as well ensures that the animals recovers readily and more impotantly assures the product quality and reproducibility leading to no potential undefined, difficult to characterize, structural alterations to the hemocyanin molecule.
  • biosyn uses a proprietary methodology and has built-in a test procedure for harvesting and handling of live animals, unlike the use of dead or frozen animals or lethal extraction procedure used by some commercial KLH suppliers.
  • biosyn hemocynin and final products are therefore of high purity and low endotoxin quality.
  • biosyn KLH subunits, immunocyanin, are of low molecular weight (400 kDa) and are a completely characterized product.
  • biosyn manufactures and packages KLH products to meet specific customer requirements including userfriendly, ready-to-use preparation and packaging.
  • biosyn hemocyanin and immunocyanin are formulated in either pure buffer systems like phosphate buffer or in water and packaged as small aliquots or bulk quantities. This offers customers major advantages, i.e., flexibility of use, choice of buffer in early developmental studies, and avoidance of issues associated with reconstitution of dry powder product obtained from other vendors.
  • biosyn Immunocyanin in water is a unique formulation and overcomes one of the major drawbacks of using KLH in clinical and commercial grade conjugate vaccine products.
  • biosyn clinical grade products are extensive tested for safety and lack of viruses including hepatitis A, B, C, vibrio species, rota virus and Norwalk viruses.