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We are the world leader in the manufacture of high quality, clinical/GMP and research grade hemocyanin products. We developed oral and injectable selenium products (selenase®) against selenium defiency for clinical use in oncology, intensive care, reperfusion, thyroid inflammation.

biosyn Corporation is a pharmaceutical and biotech company focused on the development and marketing of hemocyanin and selenium pharmaceutical products.

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hemocyanin products: IMMUCOTHEL® & VACMUNE®

biosyn is a world leader in the manufacture of high quality, clinical / GMP and research grade hemocyanin products (IMMUCOTHEL® and VACMUNE® liquid) derived from the hemolymph of the sea snail, Meghathura crenulata, also commonly known as the Giant Keyhole Limpet. The hemocyanin derived from this snail is widely known as Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin, in short KLH.

selenium products: selenase®

Since 1980, there have been major developments in the clinical usage of selenium for various disease indication other than in cancer. As new information became available, it demonstrated selenium deficiency in intensive care, sepsis, reperfusion and inflammation.

biosyn has been involved in GMP clinical trials with high-dose selenase® resulting in a significant reduction of mortality in sepsis patients. The use of sodium selenite is investigated for cardiosurgery, resuscitation, plastic surgery, organ transplantation and vascular surgery.

Due to the lack of and ready availability of sodium selenite pentahydrate of GMP quality, biosyn has built a dedicated facility for the manufacture of the raw material.